Le Docteur Bossy

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cvCursus médical

  • Ancienne interne des hôpitaux de Paris

  • Ancienne chef de clinique assistant de PSPH en IDF

  • Docteur en médecine (Faculté de Paris Descartes) 2003

  • Médecin vasculaire (CHU HEGP Paris) qualifié 2005

  • Diplôme Universitaire de Nutrition (CHU Bichât) 2011

  • Médecin du Travail (CHU ROUEN) 2013

  • Journaliste médicale 2016

  • Webmaster et Webdesigner Website Dr Bossy 2017 

Inscription conseil ordinal médical

  • Inscrite au conseil de l'ordre français des médecins 2003

  • Full Registration with Licence to practice GMC UK 2017

  • Registrada na Ordem dos Medicos Região do Sul 2017

Membre d'associations

  • Membre de l'ICOH* (International Comission on Occupational Health) 2018

  • Membre de l'association régionale des médecins vasculaire région Paris ARMV-rp 2016

  • Membre de l'ADAP vasculaire Paris 2013

  • Membre d'une association de parents d'éléves 

Activités connexes

  • Membre du bureau departement réseau social /informatique ARMV-Rp Paris 2018 http://armv-rp.org/ 

  • Webmaster et Webdesigner du Website Dr Bossy 2017

  • Membre  journaliste"Les Expertes" depuis 2015

  • Membre du comité de rédaction Doctinet Info 2014 https://www.doctinet.info/

  • Membre du comité du pôle communication en santé au travail chez HST 2014 

  • Chroniqueuse web Journal des femmes 2012


  • Français natif

  • English 

  • Português

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I am an open woman, courageous and warm, dynamic, diligent and capable of being a vital partner, who loves to take care of patients and have a passion for medicine.

To study medicine was obvious and an easy choice. My career is based on choices based on core values such as responsibility, diligence, curiosity and teamwork.

I studied and worked in an educational, professional and challenging environment and really hope to continue on his path. I do my best to serve and contribute of improving health for people. I volunteered six months in Cameroon during my medical school and then in Brazil during my residency. These professional experiences enhanced my medical and human culture.

A relationship based on trust is essential between patient and medical practitioner. The patient-physician relationship is unique, and as any relation, each time, it is necessary to build, to remain naturally curious, to invest oneself towards the others and with the others. "Primum non nocere" Hippocrate


  • Former Paris Hospital medicine resident

  • Former Chief resident or resident Attending in Ile de France university Hospitals

  • Physician (Faculty of Medicine Paris Descartes) 2003

  • Médecine vasculaire, phébologue (University Medical Centre HEGP Paris) 2005

  • University degree in food and nutrition (University Medical Centre Bichât Paris) 2011

  • Occupational health practitioner (University Medical Centre ROUEN Normandie) 2013

  • Medical journalist 2014

  • Webmaster and Webdesigner for Dr Bossy's website 2017


  • Communicative

  • Applied

  • Demanding

  • Curious

  • Open mind

Registration medical council

  • Inscrite au conseil de l'ordre français des médecins 2003

  • Full Registration with Licence to practice GMC UK 2017 reference number 7539437

  • Registrada na Ordem dos Medicos Região do Sul 2017

Professional organizations

  • Member ICOH* (International Comission on Occupational Health) 2018

  • Member of Regional Association of Vascular Medicine Paris ARMV-RP 2016

  • Member of Regional association of GP Paris 2016

  • Member of Adap vasculaire Paris 2013

Related medical activities

  • Member of executive board of Armv-rp Paris, network department 2018 http://armv-rp.org/

  • Member of “Les Expertes” 2015 https://expertes.fr/

  • Member of the Doctinet INFO Editorial Board 2014  https://doctinet.info/

  • Member of the Occupational Health Communication Committee HST* 2014

  • Chronicler web “Journal des femmes” 2012


  • Travels

  • Music (jazz, classical, opera, pop, rock),

  • Football, dance, kung fu,bike rides, badminton

  • Fashion,

  • Books and libraries,

  • Gastronomy,

  • Education (member of the parents' association)


  • Français

  • English

  • Português


  • England

    Queen Anne Street Medical Centre
    18-22 Queen Anne Street,
    London, W1G 8HU

  • France

    41/43 rue de Vouille75015 Paris
  • Phone+33156232323